Our Most Popular Brands

We pride ourselves on being the premier destination for professional superyacht captains and crews looking for the industry's top brands in chandlery and supply on the French Riviera. Having supplied the world’s largest yachts for 30 years, we feature renowned brands synonymous with quality, durability, and innovation. From marine electronics to deck hardware, safety equipment, rigging, lines and beyond, we've partnered with the leading names in the maritime world to ensure that our clients have access to the very best for their superyacht needs; whether you need chandlery in Cannes, Engineering supplies in Monaco, Safety equipment in St Tropez or Interior supplies in Antibes. 

​Whether you're preparing for the season, outfitting a new vessel, or refitting an existing one, Antibes Ship is your trusted source for superyacht chandlery needs, delivering what you need when and where you need it.

Deck Supplies and Materials

3M logo


We offer a wide range of 3M yachting products that meet the highest standards of quality. A renowned producer of adhesives, sealants, boat wax, and cleaning products our comprehensive selection is expertly designed to enhance every aspect of your projects. Trust the precision and reliability of 3M to improve your productivity and achieve superior results.
Shurhold logo


Shurhold offers high-quality cleaning and maintenance products for marine and yacht care. With over four decades of experience, Shurhold is a trusted provider of innovative tools and accessories designed to keep superyachts and other vessels in impeccable condition. We stock a range of cleaning brushes, squeegees, and sponges for all yacht cleaning tasks. Their products are crafted with precision and durability in mind, empowering enthusiasts and professionals alike to achieve pristine and lasting results.



AwlGrip are producers of polymer sealant and marine-grade topcoat for both sprayable and brush and roller applications. Trust in AwlGrip to provide superior protection, exceptional gloss, unrivalled appearance, and easier maintenance. We have a wide range of AwlGrip products in stock and can deliver most products in large quantities very quickly and efficiently.



Clin Azur

Clin Azur is a highly esteemed brand known for producing top-quality marine upkeep and maintenance chemicals. Their specialised line of products offers effective solutions for boat owners and professional yacht crew. Clin Azur's commitment to excellence is evident in their meticulously formulated chemicals that protect and enhance the longevity of vessels. Clin Azur products are designed for all aspects of yacht maintenance with such solutions as rust remover, descaler and greywater treatment chemicals.



Epifanes is a trusted brand of marine paints and varnishes known for quality, durability, and innovation. Their products offer an aesthetic appeal while withstanding harsh marine environments, making them a top choice for professional yacht crew and yacht enthusiasts worldwide. The array of Epifanes’ UV-resistant varnishes, yacht paint and paint thinners make sure that you have all of the yacht paint products you need.



Fenderfits is a leading brand in the yachting industry, offering premium fender covers made from neoprene or acrylic, and inflatable and durable rigid fenders that provide great protection for yacht paintwork. Fenderfits' attention to detail and sleek design make their covers a trusted choice among yacht crew and yachting professionals.



Fendress is a leading manufacturer of inflatable fenders for marine use. Their fenders are designed to protect boats from potential damage during docking or mooring. Made from tough, UV-resistant PVC fabric, Fendress' inflatable fenders are durable and easy to inflate and deflate. They come in a range of sizes and colours to suit different types of vessels and personal preferences. Fendress is a trusted brand that delivers innovative solutions for a safer and more secure boating experience.



International is a renowned brand in the marine industry, known for its high-performance marine coatings and antifouling products. Their comprehensive range of products includes yacht antifouling paints, primers, varnishes, and protective coatings that are designed to withstand the harsh marine environment. Superyacht owners, shipyards, captains and marine professionals worldwide trust International for its innovative and quality coatings that contribute to the overall maintenance and protection of marine assets.


SikaFlex is a leading brand for yacht adhesives and sealants. Widely employed in construction, automotive, marine, and industrial applications, it caters to the diverse needs of the superyacht industry. Known for quality and precision, SikaFlex is trusted in structural and marine projects alike. Sikaflex’s top products range from fast-curing structural adhesive to deck caulking compounds.



Steiner Optics, a global leader, produces top-tier binoculars and optical gear for yachting professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and military use. Known for precision engineering and innovation, Steiner's advanced optics deliver exceptional clarity, rugged durability, and cutting-edge features. Their commitment to pushing optical technology boundaries ensures unmatched clarity, reliability, and versatility in diverse environments. Steiner makes specially designed marine binoculars that are all waterproof and corrosion-proof as standard, making them a great addition to your yacht’s onboard inventory.

West System 

West System is a trusted brand in epoxy resins and related products, known for its high-quality solutions for boat construction, repair, and other composite applications. With over five decades of experience, West System offers a range of epoxy resins, hardeners, fillers, and additives that are versatile, strong, and reliable. Their commitment to innovation and quality ensures that users have access to premium materials that stand up to the challenges of marine environments.


MattChem is a pioneer in creating maintenance products for industrial and marine applications. They specialise in formulating solutions that adhere to strict legal requirements for biodegradability and eco-toxicity. Their products range from grease and lubricants to glues, sealants and vinyl cleaners.

In addition to our extensive selection of Deck Supply We also stock a range of other brands such as: Teak Wonder and King & King, Starbrite, Nautic Clean, Snappy and many more.

As part of our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly entertainment, we proudly feature engaging games like Eco Clean and Green Clean. These eco-conscious gaming experiences not only align with our dedication to quality but also provide a unique opportunity for users to immerse themselves in environmentally friendly virtual worlds. Explore the best of both worlds with our deck care products and eco-conscious games for a well-rounded and sustainable experience.

Yacht Rigging


Wichard, a century-old leader in the marine industry, excels in designing high-performance sailing and safety gear. Renowned for innovative and durable solutions, especially stainless steel shackles, marine fittings and hooks, Wichard is trusted by yachting professionals globally for its precision engineering and stringent quality standards.


Robline offers high-quality ropes and lines for sailing and maritime applications. The brand is part of the TEUFELBERGER Group, a leading player in fibre ropes and strappings. Robline's innovative approach to rope design ensures optimal performance and durability on the water. The brand's product line includes ropes made from different materials, including Dyneema.


Armare excels in making top-quality ropes for various uses, from marine and yachting to industrial applications. Known for their durability and reliability, Armare is a trusted choice for sailing and yachting industry needs. Their ropes boast a range of specially designed coverings, braids, and applications for all yacht rigging.


Our other Yacht Rigging, lines, and rope products come from trusted brands such as: Dyneema and Lewmar 

Yacht Engineering


Jabsco is a well-known brand that specializes in manufacturing and supplying fluid handling solutions, particularly in the marine and industrial sectors. The company is recognized for its extensive range of products, including pumps, plumbing systems, and marine toilets. Jabsco products are widely used in applications such as water circulation, bilge pumping, sanitation, and various fluid transfer processes. Known for their reliability and durability, Jabsco products are popular among boaters, sailors, and industrial users worldwide.


Racor is a leading brand in marine filtration systems, renowned for producing high-quality fuel and water separators. Their products are trusted for their efficiency and durability in safeguarding marine engines by effectively filtering contaminants. Racor is a go-to choice for reliable filtration solutions in the marine industry. 

John Deere

John Deere is recognized for its reliable marine engines and propulsion systems. The brand's marine products are known for their durability, fuel efficiency, and advanced technology, making John Deere a trusted choice in the marine industry. Whether for commercial vessels or recreational boats, John Deere's marine solutions are valued for their performance and dependability on the water.


Parker filters, are cutting-edge filtration solutions designed for diverse applications. Known for their high efficiency, durability, and innovative design, these filters ensure optimal performance and longevity in industries such as aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and industrial manufacturing. Easy maintenance and compliance with industry standards further enhance their appeal, making Parker filters a reliable choice for maintaining fluid cleanliness and system efficiency.

We also stock a range of other Yacht Engineering brands such as: M.T.U, New Pig, Man, Attwood, Whale, Gianneschi, Calpeda, Tecma, Baldwin, Hifi Filters, Cummins, Heinen Hopman, Besenzoni, Opacmare, NGK, Guidi, Bennett, Spx Johnson, Ultraflex, Teleflex, Separ, Scepter, Marechal Electrics, Feit Pumps, ENO, Bardahl, Marco Pumps, Sherwood, Flojet, Quick, VDO, Sealand, Glomex, Shakespeare, Victron, Caterpillar, Fleetguard, Kohler, Wurth and many more.

Water Toys


Jobe, a prominent name in water sports, designs and manufactures top-tier equipment and accessories for activities like wakeboarding, water skiing, and paddle boarding. Focused on innovation and style, Jobe's diverse product range - wakeboards, water skis, life vests, towable tubes, and paddleboards - promises performance, durability, and user satisfaction. Their dedication to pushing design and technology boundaries ensures their gear aligns with the evolving needs of water sports enthusiasts globally.


Sublue, a leading innovator in underwater technology, specialises in high-performance underwater scooters and propulsion devices. Known for sleek and ergonomic designs, their products are favoured by divers, snorkelers, and adventure seekers for an effortless and exhilarating underwater experience. With advanced technology and a passion for marine exploration, Sublue revolutionises the water sports industry, opening new possibilities for underwater discovery and enjoyment. Dive into the extraordinary with Sublue and explore the wonders of the deep. 


Cressi, a revered name in diving and snorkelling, has been known for high-quality and innovative gear since its establishment in Italy in 1946. Offering masks, fins, snorkels, wetsuits, and more, Cressi's dedication to research and development results in functional and comfortable equipment for both recreational and professional divers. Trusted globally for sleek designs and advanced technology, Cressi is a go-to choice for those seeking reliability and performance beneath the waves.

Antibes Ship is your reliable destination for superyacht chandlery needs. Whether you're preparing for the season, looking for a chandlery partner, setting up a new build or refitting an existing one, trust Antibes Ship to supply everything you need. 

Our diverse range of supplies features top-notch brands, ensuring you have access to the brands you know and love that simplify your life and job.