Yacht Rigging 

We provide top-quality lines and precise hardware, all tested and proven to deliver optimal performance.  

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Antibes Ship provides high-quality yacht rigging supplies for captains, engineers and those refitting and equipping superyachts. Our rigging solutions are designed to ensure safety and performance and meet the high standards of luxury yachts. We provide top-quality lines and precise hardware, all tested and proven to deliver optimal performance.

Explore our extensive selection of tailored rigging products, including essential lines such as fender lines, stopper lines, heaving lines, and snubber lines, designed to enhance the safety and functionality of your yacht. Our professional advice and guidance from on-site rigging experts make sure that you receive the right solution tailored to meet and exceed your expectations. For additional yacht rigging needs, our comprehensive inventory includes specialised lines like toy line, tender whips, and pilot or swim ladders, all crafted to the highest standards for durability and reliability. 

Bespoke Yacht Lines and Ropes

Our physical Rigging Store in Antibes has a team of skilled professionals specialising in creating custom-made ropes and lines for yachts. Our commitment to excellence extends to our ability to create and splice rigging lines and ropes in-house. Our skilled department made up of seasoned rigging experts prioritise precision and reliability, offering bespoke solutions that meet the unique needs of your yacht. 
Our expertise spans all types of rope and lines required of a functional superyacht, including running and standing rigging, netting, mooring ropes and anchoring warps. We take great care in selecting materials from trusted brands like Robline, Armare and Dyneema, and can customise the ropes to fit the needs of your vessel. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible performance and durability for all of your yacht rigging needs.

Running Rigging

Upgrade your yacht's performance with our quality running rigging parts and ropes. Choose from top-notch components like winches, blocks, and cleats for smooth sail control. Our selection includes durable mast fittings and spreader bars to ensure mast stability. Find reliable halyards, sheets, and control lines designed for the best handling. Whether you need replacements or upgrades, our straightforward range of running rigging parts is here to enhance your yacht's efficiency on the water.


Select from a range of durable and lightweight options, including masts and booms, expertly crafted for top sailing efficiency. Our straightforward selection of spars, featuring renowned brands such as John Mast, Selden Mast AB, Eurospars / Sparcraft, Z-Spars, and Axxon, ensures that your yacht is equipped with precision-engineered components to enhance stability and control. Whether you're seeking replacements or upgrades, our spars are meticulously designed to meet the demands of the open seas, providing you with a reliable and straightforward solution for improved sailing performance.

Standing Rigging

Explore our selection of top-quality components, including wire rigging, turnbuckles, and mast tangs. Our straightforward offerings also include robust chainplates and sturdy toggles, ensuring the integrity of your yacht's standing rigging system. Trust in our commitment to simplicity and quality, providing you with the essential parts needed for a secure and dependable standing rigging setup. Whether you're looking for replacements or upgrades, our range guarantees that your yacht is equipped for stability and performance on the open seas.

Rigging Inspection and Testing

Our skilled technicians conduct thorough examinations of key rigging components, including wires, turnbuckles, and connections. Rigorous testing procedures are implemented to assess the strength and integrity of the rigging system, identifying any potential issues before they become critical. We provide a detailed assessment, giving you the confidence that your yacht's rigging meets the highest standards of safety and performance. Trust our inspection and testing services to keep your rigging in the best condition possible, ensuring a secure and worry-free sailing experience.

Rigging Hydraulics

We offer reliable hydraulic tensioning systems, ensuring phenomenal performance during sail manoeuvres. Additionally, our inventory includes top-notch hydraulic pumps, valves, hoses, and fittings, sourced from reputable brands, to meet the specific needs of your yacht's rigging setup. Trust our commitment to excellence as we provide you with the essential products and parts required for a robust and efficient hydraulic rigging system.

Yacht Rigging Gear and Parts

We have a wide range of tools and equipment such as hooks, clamps, winches, and shackles that we can use to help you with any situation. Our expert in-store rigging professionals can provide you with the best advice on how to rig your superyacht. 

We only carry high-quality and durable rigging gear and parts specifically designed and machined to withstand the harsh marine environment, and we source them from reliable manufacturers such as Wichard and Lewmar.  

Looking for high-quality yacht rigging esse​ntials for your superyacht? 

Look no further than Antibes Ship! We're your go-to partner for all your maritime supply needs. Our products are built to withstand the toughest conditions and are up to the task for long-term use at sea. As a one-stop shop for captains and engineers, we have everything you need to equip your superyacht with the best rigging essentials in the industry.

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