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Upgrade your yacht: premium linens, dining, housekeeping, and outdoor furnishings.

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Choose from yacht interior products that are the epitome of luxury with opulent furnishings, elegant tableware, and stylish décor items. Set the perfect dining ambience with our exquisite dinnerware, and enhance your outdoor experience. Ensure a comfortable journey with our luxury yacht interiors.

Each dining experience presents a chance to craft a distinctive memory, and the ambience can be established beforehand with the use of exquisite yacht dinnerware and tableware. By paying meticulous attention to detail, we carefully select tableware, linens, and crockery that harmonise with the style, theme, and atmosphere of your surroundings, allowing the owner to convey their unique personality. Our experts ensure that each product chosen is not only stylish but also perfectly suited for its intended purpose.

Embark on a culinary adventure with our diverse selection of luxury yacht dinnerware. Whether relishing a delightful meal or unwinding on deck, our curated essentials assure a cosy and comprehensive experience, ensuring that every moment aboard your yacht charter is nothing short of delightful. 


Enhance your guests' onboard experience with our carefully selected essential toiletries. Enjoy a refreshing shower with our premium shampoo and conditioner, followed by the invigorating touch of our gentle yet effective body wash. Keep your skin hydrated and smooth with our luxurious body lotion and maintain cleanliness with high-quality hand soaps. These curated essentials promise a comfortable and well-rounded personal care experience, making every moment aboard your yacht a pleasurable one.

Every item in our collection is a testament to quality craftsmanship, ensuring an unmatched onboard atmosphere. For specific inquiries about interior items for your yacht, contact us today. Let us source even the most elusive items, as we are dedicated to making your search as easy as possible.

Bar and Pantry 

Equipping your bar and pantry, especially in the confined spaces commonly found on yachts, can pose a challenge. Our team of experts excels in problem-solving, addressing storage limitations, optimising organisation, and enhancing workflow efficiencies. Whether you're upgrading specific items in your current inventory or starting from scratch, we'll lead you through the process, ensuring a seamless journey from briefing to budgeting and meeting deadlines. 

We specialise in procuring tailor-made and ready-made storage solutions for your distinct requirements. With comprehensive inventory checklists and expert guidance on brands and products, we provide valuable insights to lead you toward the ideal and practical outfitting solution for your needs.

Galley and Kitchen

Our team of galley kitchen outfitting specialists are committed to tailoring ideal solutions for all your yachting needs. Our focus lies in ensuring top-notch quality, durability, and hygiene standards. Whether you are embarking on a comprehensive refit or simply looking to add complementary items to your existing selection, we are there for you from the initial stages of the process.

In collaboration with professional, commercial-grade, and domestic brands, we go the extra mile to guarantee that your galley is equipped precisely with what it needs, providing you with unparalleled peace of mind. Beyond outfitting, our experts extend their support to optimise your galley's space, strategically identifying storage solutions that not only enhance the overall efficiency of your crew but also elevate the proficiency of your kitchen. Trust us to transform your galley into a seamlessly organised and highly functional space.

Deck Accessories and Decorative Items

Enhance the allure of your superyacht's outdoor spaces with a dash of elegance using our exceptional deck accessories. Elevate every al-fresco moment with premium furnishings that effortlessly fuse style and comfort. Our unmatched array of products is meticulously curated to blend functionality with aesthetics, ensuring that your yacht's deck becomes a haven of beauty and sophistication. Transform ordinary visits into extraordinary experiences by adorning your deck with these exquisite additions, creating an ambiance that captivates those who step on board. If a specific item is not readily available, we have the capability to procure it promptly based on your requirements.

Bedroom and Bathroom Linen

Our enthusiasm lies in providing sophisticated, luxurious bed and bath linens that empower owners to express their unique style, material preferences, and colour choices. Whether they have specific requirements for the material of their sheets, weaves or thread counts or insist on the finest organic materials, we are here to assist. With a myriad of options to consider, we are here to guide and support your choices.

Enhance the character of every bedroom through our luxurious range of decorative bedroom and bathroom accessories. These additions create a relaxing atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on your guests. Alternatively, simplify upkeep with our housekeeping and laundry products, ensuring neat, organised, and comfortable cabins throughout your yacht charter.

Housekeeping and Laundry

An impeccably organised housekeeping and laundry department, furnished with top-tier products and equipment, is crucial for the seamless operation and longevity of your luxury yacht. Whether you're restocking, replacing items in your current inventory, or embarking on a fresh start, we have you covered. Our expertise will guide you seamlessly through the entire process.

We are dedicated to elevating the standards of housekeeping and laundry on your yacht, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable environment for both crew and guests. Connect with our housekeeping and laundry experts, and entrust us to take care of all your needs.

Visit our store today for friendly service and expert advice, or conveniently order online to take the first step in enhancing and safeguarding your superyacht. Your yacht deserves nothing less than the best, and we're here to deliver just that.

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