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Explore our curated safety gear: life jackets, life rafts, flares, and more. Ensure superyacht safety.  

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We understand that ensuring safety compliance on yachts is paramount. Our commitment to maritime safety goes beyond mere adherence - it encompasses a comprehensive range of top-notch gear designed to safeguard your vessel and crew. From essential life jackets and rafts to meticulously stocked first aid kits, our yacht safety equipment is curated with precision, ensuring that you consistently meet and exceed safety regulations. With a focus on reliability and quality, we pride ourselves on being your trusted partner in maritime safety, offering the confidence and peace of mind necessary for a secure and well-protected voyage.

Explore our extensive selection of safety essentials, including jackstays and jacklines, designed to keep your crew secure on deck. Lifejackets, safety lines, and guard wires, along with guardrails and guardrail webbing, form a robust safety network to protect your team. Our commitment extends to overboard recovery solutions, featuring floating rope and other essential safety accessories, ensuring a swift and effective response in emergencies. 

Life Jackets, Life Preservers and Life Rafts

At Antibes Ship Services, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to maritime safety. Our expertise in the safety department is unparalleled, and we leave no stone unturned in providing you with the finest equipment and gear to guarantee a secure and worry-free voyage. Whether you're equipping your vessel with a reliable liferaft or ensuring every individual is well-prepared with our carefully selected lifejackets, our range guarantees top-tier safety. 

Choose from our extended range of well maintained stock, crafted with utmost attention to detail. Always be prepared for the worst by having essential marine survival equipment onboard. 

Emergency Positioning and Communication Equipment

Safeguarding your vessel demands essential yacht safety accessories. Our team diligently selects safety tools from reputable sources dedicated to marine safety. These components, crucial for maritime safety, play a vital role in ensuring compliance with legal requirements for most vessels. We emphasise not only prioritising the safety of your crew and guests but also adhering to necessary regulations. Enhance this safety measure by considering advanced satellite communications and emergency beacons, sourced from experts in marine electronics. 

Our comprehensive range of emergency communication equipment offers various options to strengthen your onboard safety management further. Choose a proactive approach to maritime safety with our carefully curated selection of tools and technologies.

Signalling Solutions and Pyrotechnics

Embarking on a maritime adventure demands not only a commitment to safety but also access to cutting-edge signalling solutions and pyrotechnics. Setting the standard for excellence in innovation we will ensure that your yacht is equipped with the latest technology and highest-quality pyrotechnic devices for effective signalling and communication.

These essential safety tools are designed to meet the practical needs of a superyacht and are straightforward and efficient to use. Our knowledgeable team can advise on the best products for your specific needs, ensuring that you are equipped with the highest quality safety gear for your yacht. Your peace of mind is our priority.

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Firefighting, Breathing Apparatus and Fire Suits

As a dedicated supplier of yacht safety equipment, our focus is on emphasising the critical importance of comprehensive firefighting gear. This includes breathing apparatus, fire suits, and essential fireman's protective wear. Our specialisation lies in delivering a wide range of firefighting and protection equipment tailored to meet the unique safety needs of your superyacht.

As your dedicated safety partner, we offer not just products but peace of mind, allowing you to navigate the seas with confidence and security. Our commitment extends to keeping a extensive inventory. If a specific item is not readily available, we have the capability to procure it promptly based on your requirements.

Yacht Safety Equipment and Servicing

Our yacht safety collection is curated to meet all your safety needs, we ensure you're well-protected in any emergency. We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity and functionality of your yacht safety equipment over time. Our dedicated service team is equipped to handle the regular servicing and maintenance needs. From thorough inspections to the replacement of worn components, we ensure that your equipment remains in peak condition, ready to meet and exceed safety regulations. With meticulous attention to detail and a proactive approach, our servicing ensures that your vessel is always prepared for a secure and well-protected voyage. 

Collection and Delivery of Yacht Safety Equipment 

In the superyacht industry, where time is of the essence, we take pride in our extensive product inventory. Our comprehensive stock allows us to fulfil your orders promptly and efficiently, regardless of your location. Our commitment to excellence encompasses all essential products, and we are readily available to service equipment according to your preferred timeline, prioritising the safety of crew, guests and the integrity of your superyacht.

To further cater to your needs, our delivery options include swift alternatives such as delivery by bike, local van delivery, store pick-up, or even air shipping for the most time-sensitive requirements.  

Trust us as your reliable partner in not only providing high-quality safety solutions but also in ensuring their continued reliability through expert servicing. Your safety is our priority, from the moment of purchase to the ongoing maintenance of your essential maritime equipment. We understand the importance of being prepared for the unexpected, and that's why we commit to providing reliable and high-quality yacht safety gear. Whether you visit our Antibes store or explore our online shop, you'll find a range of safety products to guarantee peace of mind during your maritime journeys. Your safety is our utmost priority, and we strive to provide you with the best-in-class safety solutions for your yacht.

Contact us today about any yacht safety products that you may need and we will be happy to advise you on the best equipment. As seasoned maritime and yachting professionals, we are experienced in all of the correct safety equipment required for your vessel and are here to discuss your needs.

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