Meet the Antibes Ship Team

Our dedicated team has decades of experience in the superyacht industry and we are committed to delivering excellence in chandlery, safety equipment, yacht engineering supplies, interior equipment, water toys, and those impossible-to-find products that every yacht needs! From seasoned professionals to passionate individuals, each member contributes to our mission of providing top-tier products and unparalleled customer service, ensuring your yacht’s needs are met with precision and expertise.

Charles Bettell - CEO

Charlie, with over 25 years in the superyacht industry as a former Captain and Yacht Manager, Charlie offers invaluable expertise, knowing precisely what you need and understanding your requirements from firsthand experience.

Charlie is extremely knowledgeable about luxury yachts. He excels at handling the challenges of the running of superyachts, thanks to his vast knowledge and hands-on skills. His deep understanding makes him helpful to clients, giving valuable advice to make our service better for both owners and captains.

Charlie is very fond of classic cars and in his spare time enjoys working on a range of his own small automotive projects.

Languages: English, French


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Damien Williams - Shop Manager  

Damien was born in England but arrived in the French Riviera as a child. He has an impressive career of over three decades in the yacht chandlery industry which allows him to provide expert advice and guidance, making him an invaluable asset to both our team and customers.

Damien's free time revolves around his passion for motorcycles. His Suzuki GSXR 600 holds a special place in his heart.

Languages: English, French 


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Francesca Faur - Key Account Manager  

Francesca plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless flow of all email requests and online orders. Francesca is renowned for her remarkable speed and efficiency in managing key accounts. Originally from Romania, she embarked on a journey of knowledge and growth, which led her to France for her studies. 

Outside of her professional achievements, Francesca takes pleasure in life's simple joys. She cherishes quality moments with her daughter and partner, indulging in the beauty of nature together.

Languages: Romanian, English, French, Italian


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Vincent Antin - Rigging Specialist

Vincent is a maritime professional with an impressive career spanning over three decades. His specialised expertise lies in rigging, and he has honed his craft for more than 20 years. As the guardian of our rigging department, Vincent takes full responsibility for overseeing all line orders, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the highest standards of safety and functionality.

In addition to his professional achievements, Vincent truly enjoys spending time on the open water. He's a passionate sailor who loves exploring the seas on his boat, and he often brings his loyal dog, Mao, along for the ride. His connection to the maritime world isn't just about his job; it's a fundamental part of his lifestyle.

Languages: French, English


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Urszula Ciupa - Data Analyst and IT Project Leader  

Ula is a tech-savvy graduate from Poland who is the driving force behind our IT projects. Her expertise includes analysing complex datasets, identifying trends, and providing valuable insights to optimise our operations. She is dedicated to ensuring the seamless functionality of our website and system.

When she's not optimising our data and IT projects, you'll often find Ula jogging along the seaside or hiking in the mountains.

Languages: Polish, English, French


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Ann Margarette Antozzi - Accounts Administrator

Marga is our Accounts Administrator, who originally hails from the Philippines and spent her formative years in the vibrant city of Dubai. In her role as our account administrator, Marga is responsible for managing invoices and ensuring the accuracy of financial transactions.

During her free time, she finds joy and relaxation in crafting beautiful candles. Her talent and dedication to this craft have resulted in unique and aesthetically pleasing candles that are not only a reflection of her creativity but also her attention to detail.

Languages: English, Filipino, French


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Nathan Dampierre – Shop sales

Nathan, born and raised in the South of France brings a rich background to our team. His professional journey has been defined by various roles that highlight his exceptional skills in customer engagement and adept event coordination. Nathan brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for cultivating positive customer experiences. His commitment to excellence harmonises seamlessly with our team's dedication to providing exceptional service.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Nathan finds joy in sailing and climbing, infusing a sense of adventure into his diverse array of interests.

Languages: French, English


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Samantha Sevier - Interior and Water Toys Specialist

Sammi is our Interior and Water Toys Specialist. Having grown up on a sailing yacht, she developed an enduring passion for water sports, adventure, and the great outdoors. In addition to her expertise in yacht equipment and design, Sammi is also a skilled watersports trainer. If you're in search of top-quality equipment or water toys for your yacht, Sammi is your best bet. 

With a decade of cruising experience as a child, Sammi's connection to the maritime world runs deep. She brings a wealth of hands-on knowledge, complemented by her real-life experiences at sea.

Languages: German, English, French 


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Craig Boumphrey – Delivery / Logistics

Craig excels in his position of orchestrating seamless logistics and delivery operations. Fluent in English, Craig brings a unique blend of expertise and commitment to ensure your maritime needs are met with excellence. Craig has a lot of experience as a safety officer and mate on yachts of various sizes, from 32 to 72 meters.

Beyond his professional duties at Antibes Ship, Craig passionately volunteers with Sea Shepherd Global, fighting against illegal fishing and habitat destruction. 

Languages: English

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